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 The problem with file sharing music, uploading, and downloading...

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Samurai Senshi
Samurai Senshi

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PostSubject: The problem with file sharing music, uploading, and downloading...   Thu May 10, 2012 4:58 am

Sarah Kawamura is making a statement about file sharing and downloading of music from Japanese artists and specifically from the musician Nobu Albatross. This may seem like an opinion, but there is truth to what Sarah is trying to say. Downloading music and not purchasing a musicians' music is technically a crime which over time also affects the artist. If you are a true fan of ANY Japanese musician or artist, you need to read this. Even if you download/upload on a regular basis, this is a necessity to read. Sarah wants to show people how much stealing music affects musicians. She personally knows Nobu and how passionate he is towards his music but how can he be appreciated for his music if his "fans" don't respect him by purchasing his music?

Quote :
To all you people who think it is OK to file share music: Let me break it down for you.
Example: Nobu spends hours and hours practicing, he spends hours and hours making a song, practicing and then records it when he is pleased. No autotune, no help from any pre-made music programs, just purely his talent and his passion.

He uploads it to ITUNES and sets the price at 1.99 (typical of one song now days)

He uploads 9 songs for his particular album. (aprox. $18 for the whole album)

One adoring fan buys his music and loves it so much they tell one friend...they "share that album" without Nobu getting the money.

It happens again and again through file share at say 100 people who, and I use the term loosely, LOVE HIS MUSIC. pfft.

If 100 people bought his music, he would have earned $1,800

But instead, one person bought it. (so essentially Nobu was paid $00.18 cents for the album to split up between all one hundred people.)

Car Insurance

(does $00.18 cents cover all that?)
(Does his love of music, his passion and drive to inspire others, cover all those costs?)

Think about it before opening your mouth about the love of music and how all artists should do it for free or almost nothing...you are either stupid or delusional if you think that way.

I would love to see you go to work for a full 40+ hour work week and do it for free....can you eat? Can you feed your family? Can you pay rent if you do that?

How can Nobu get strings or get his guitar fixed if he does it just for the music? Get a 40 hour work week? Oh and left with no energy to create, no time to practice, no sleep? Okay, how will that work?

What miracle are you pulling out of your butt if you can do this on eighteen cents? I wanna know. Thanks.

Anyway, most artists like Nobu don't care about being rich, they just want to make money to survive on and feed their families while living their dream. If you keep stealing their music and trying to justify it by saying that it helps spread the word then you are an idiot. Because what does spreading the word do if they are broke and can't play anymore?

Anyway we all know that by buying a CD from the industry- it just goes to the record companies, so it makes sense to go to the concerts and buy the merch. But this is about independent artists and how you can support them by buying their CDs and music off ITUNES, instead of stealing it.

No more excuses for stealing from the artists. If you want good music, the only way is to support them not steal from them or they will be no more. It is a tragedy if you allow this to go on.
If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

So after reading this, does it open your eyes?
Supporting a musician isn't just about enjoying their music, hoarding pictures of them, spreading their music illegally, and uploading PV's, it's about purchasing the music.

***The quoted information is the statement of Sarah Kawamura, Nobu Albatross, and Jen. This was posted with their permission.

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

The song has ended but the melody still lingers on...
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PostSubject: Re: The problem with file sharing music, uploading, and downloading...   Fri Jun 01, 2012 8:38 pm

Quote :
So after reading this, does it open your eyes?
Only J-Rock lovers and inactive members are on this forum.
Inactive members can't open their eyes,
and J-Rock lovers don't do such.........., so we don't have to open our eyes because they already are.


J-Rock: I can exist without it, but I can`t live without it. ♥️
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The problem with file sharing music, uploading, and downloading...
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