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 The Story of How RJTE Came to Be

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Samurai Senshi
Samurai Senshi

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PostSubject: The Story of How RJTE Came to Be   Mon Feb 14, 2011 1:06 am

[center]RJTE is short for Random Japan Trinity Explosion and it was founded by Samurai Senshi, Kyo sama, and Kisa Chan from Tainted World (yes...TW).

Just like Walt Disney said, "it all started with a mouse", but RJTE started with Tainted World...

Well, it's kind of long though, but the story of how RJTE was born goes like this:

Once upon a time on the introduction forum on Tainted World...eh, not exactly like that LOL XD *scratches out*

The idea for RJTE did start at Tainted World though. Samurai Senshi met Kyo sama on the introduction section on TW. Samurai talked to Kyo

and exchanged messages on Kyo's introduction post. Then Samurai noticed that Kyo always talked to a person named Kisa on the introduction

section and Kyo and Kisa were building a large amount of posts (and I mean a LARGE AMOUNT) just of simple conversations, asking each

other questions , sharing pictures, and...I guess you can say, spam. That introduction topic wasn't an introduction anymore it was more like a

talk-a-thon spam fest. I was curious so I joined in and I even remember writing, "Damn, you guys sure talk a lot XD". I started writing and

talking to them both on Kisa's introduction topic and it was just the three of us responding on this topic. I can remember us talking a little bit

about how we wished we had our own website but it was just talk. That's when all three of us started to become friends and blah blah blah blah

blah (let's fast forward this) and Champ, one of the admins, was starting to catch on to us with all our spamming and decided to lock Kisa's

intro so that we couldn't write anymore XD Then we would jump around on mine and Kyo's intro and talk until Champ locked them all up.LOL I

remember those days, Champ must of been so irritated with us XD And to tell you the truth, I LOVED TW <3 <3 <3 Especially their gallery

page (which I contributed a lot to) Very Happy But anyway, that actually kind of upset us because we were growing a friendship with each other.

Discussing the idea and...my wacky dreams? O_o

After we met, it seemed like there really wasn't a point being at TW anymore :/. w So, we talked on last.fm just about everyday after our

threads were locked. Samurai really wanted to make a Jrock website and Kyo and Kisa agreed to join in. Then that's when we started talking

about having our own Jrock website, something that we three could manage and do what we wanted to do and talk as much as we wanted. But

how would we do this? Would it be a website? a blogspot? a forum? or a combination of all three? (RJTE is a combination of all three btw

^_^)and what would we put on this website/forum? Those were the questions that uh...eh...took about a year to finally come up with

something and what we actually wanted on RJTE. We were making lists and I was trying to suck in all the info and somehow piece everything

together...and that's why it took so long. And literally, I kid you not, I would go to sleep at night and have dreams about RJTE. SERIOUSLY. I

actually wrote one of these dreams down:

Quote :
July 15, 2010
LOL I had another dream about RJTE this morning XD In my dream, RJTE wasn't hosted in a computer, it was hosted in a huge

mansion that had a computer built inside of the mansion. It was almost like the mansion "hosted" and acted as a server for RJTE. All three of

us were living in the mansion and every time I would turn around (literally turn around), there would be a new member wanting to join. The

mansion was HUGE and it had a big built in screen almost like a computer monitor and it had a keyboard and that's how we would access

RJTE. Inside the mansion by the big computer screen, there was a large round table that had a bunch of food for us and all the members. And

everyone was eating at this large table together and it was also like a board meeting as well. And...I don't remember much after that, but it

was awesome XD

I would also have dreams of how the layout should look like for RJTE and even ideas about where to put things into their categories. Yeah it

was really weird but surprisingly, it helped me out .

Designing the Logo

Now that I had the ideas for the website, designing the logo for RJTE was the next step. I didn't want to copy or mimic a design because I

wanted it to be original. I heard that in Japan, families have a special family crest design called Kamon that represents their family. So I

thought, "hey, that sounds neat Very Happy." So I did some research on some designs but none of them were really what I had in mind. I got a little

inspiration from them but I derived the actual RJTE design from a bio-hazard symbol because I thought since our website is an "explosion" it

reminded me of bio-hazard symbols. So, that was a start ^^. Then I wanted something Japanese-like so I added some flowers, fans, and I

referenced off of some Kamon designs for the flowers and even the mix of the thick and thin lines. I wanted to color it in photoshop but that

was a big fail ><. So I just colored it with markers and scanned it on the computer and put the lettering on using a logo design shop. It was

actually really fun making the logo because I knew it was going to turn out into something interesting and unique. I just wish I knew how to

function on photoshop but it was just a big headache :/

The creation of RJTE's name & its meaning

Oh! and how we came up with the name Random Japan Trinity Explosion...well, that's kind of an interesting story in itself. LOL a lot of you who

stumbled on this site probably had the first impression of --> WTF O_o? The name is kind of weird, I know. But it fits ;D One day, when

Samurai and Kisa were waiting for Kyo on last.fm, Samurai mentioned a possible name for the website and it was "Random Japan". Samurai

liked that name but it needed something more, almost like a kick that would bring the name to life. Kisa started thinking of a name for the

website too. She kept thinking...thinking........some more thinking....................and some more thinking after that XD....and then she looked at

her avatar that she had on last.fm at the time. It was of a gif of the Japanese band AnCafe experimenting with some chemicals and when they

mixed the chemicals, it created an explosion. Kisa said, "how about we call it explosion!?" Samurai was keeping "explosion" in mind but really

wasn't quite satisfied with the name being by itself. Samurai really liked both "Random Japan" and "Explosion" and decided to combine the two

together and it made "Random Japan Explosion". But the name still felt like we needed to add something. Samurai wanted a name that

represented the three of them. So, Samurai thought of "Trinity" because it means three and it sounded like a friendship kind of word. So, after

that the hard part was figuring out how to put all of that together and make it sound decent. We were both experimenting with the words and

coming up with names like: "Random Explosion Japan Trinity"..."Explosion Random Japan Trinity"...eh, yeah none of those worked. "Random

Japan Explosion Trinity"...hmm, that sounds like it works, but let's switch Explosion and Trinity. Kyo actually coined the abbreviation "RJTE"

and I actually remember when she first referred Random Japan Trinity Explosion as "RJTE" Kyo was asking me, "so when are we going to start

RJTE?" and I was like, "what's RJTE?" LOL I seriously didn't know what she was talking about XD. But anyways, we needed the abbreviation

because Random Japan Trinity Explosion is a lot to say...and even typing it on the keyboard is a lot ^^ And that's how we came up with

Random Japan Trinity Explosion. "Random Japan" represents the small aspects and random things that we post about Japan, its culture, music,

art, anime, fashion, etc. "Explosion" is the idea and the hope that with this website, there will be an explosion of people sharing their interest

and passion for the Japanese culture with others. "Trinity" represents not just the three founders of RJTE, but the friendship that Samurai

Senshi, Kisa, and Kyo have together and the desire to make their dream, RJTE a reality.

Well, there's our long story. I hope you found it entertaining to read or at least enjoyed it ^^

Samurai Senshi, Kyo, and Kisa all love "Jrock" which is basically the abbreviation for "Japanese Rock" music. "We Love Jrock" is kind of our slogan, and it represents the common interest that the three of us have. We listen to Japanese music with love and passion and we want to share it with others. We have strong interest in the Japanese culture but the aspect that captures us the most is listening to Jrock.

Random Japan Trinity Explosion Officially opened up on February 14, 2011...Valentine's Day <3

The reason why we (uh, actually I XD) chose Valentine's Day for the official opening of our website dream, Random Japan Trinity Explosion, is because...We Love Jrock <3

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

The song has ended but the melody still lingers on...
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PostSubject: Re: The Story of How RJTE Came to Be   Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:21 pm

OMG how awesome!! Great work Samurai-sama affraid cheers When I was reading it, I thought I was reading a fairytale Rolling Eyes
Oh and I was not able to read "Random Trinity Japan Explosion" blah without getting stuck lol!
Happy Valentine`s Day!! I love you


J-Rock: I can exist without it, but I can`t live without it. ♥️
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PostSubject: Re: The Story of How RJTE Came to Be   Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:46 pm

Whoa great work 8]
Lol yeah I thought a lot °v°;

Happy valentines day <: )


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Samurai Senshi
Samurai Senshi

Posts : 222
Join date : 2010-04-11

PostSubject: Re: The Story of How RJTE Came to Be   Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:33 pm

Happy Valentine's Day you two.

I'm glad you liked the story. ^^

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

The song has ended but the melody still lingers on...
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PostSubject: Re: The Story of How RJTE Came to Be   

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The Story of How RJTE Came to Be
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