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 Moi dix mois - "Interview Mit Einem Vampir"

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Samurai Senshi
Samurai Senshi

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PostSubject: Moi dix mois - "Interview Mit Einem Vampir"   Sat Jan 07, 2012 8:32 pm

Magazine: Animania ~ "Interview Mit Einem Vampir" (German)
Issue: May 2005
Interview by Jens Helge Nave
Translation by Kyo

"Guitarist K in pink - they often had to communicate with the audience through gestures"
"An amazing look - Mana was admired for his guitar technique and his hairstyle, which was always in place"
"Mana - guitar - blood type 0"

Your work is very diverse and besides the music and the according lyrics, you`re also a fashion designer.
Do you prioritize??

~ No, I actually don`t.

You approach your audience visually, but also intellectually.
What`s the most important thing to you??

~ The sixth sense is more important than anything else.

It`s always said that art reflected the spirit of the age and only really great artists lived on after their death.
What`s your opinion on that??

~ What I do is everlasting and won`t be washed away by time. I hope and wish that my work will also be listened to and appreciated in the future.

Does your Japanese origin have an influence on your creativity??
~ I think that my origin has influenced me a lot. My sense for art and beauty even developed that way because I grew up in Japan.

Do the audience`s expactations play a role in composing music, writing lyrics or drawing sketches??
~ No, not at all. If anything influences me, then maybe my longing for phenomena in everyday life, like those in occult movies for example. Such things have formed myself as I am today.

You enjoyed a classical music education. Are there any musical eras and artists that have deeply impressed you??
~ I`d say that baroque music has an influence on me. And I like Johann Sebastian Bach very much.

What do you think of Western bands that take up VK and have Moi dix Mois as role models for Cosplay??
~ I`m glad when bands do so because people like the way I am and my style.

Are there any bands/artists outside Japan that you like, regardless of their music genre??
~ Yes, “Goblin“! When I was watching the occult horror movie “Suspiria” (1977, director: Dario Agent -> editor`s note) for the first time, I was so spellbound by the music. Later, I learned that “Goblin” made the movie music.
I also like Slayer. They haven`t changed their style since their debut and I like it when people consistently stick to their attitude and follow it through.

With Moi-même-Moitié, you have your own fashion label and also some shops in Japan. How far are you with your plans to open up a store outside Japan??
~ If I find a partner, I`ll maybe open up a store in Europe. Attention!! Interested business partners, please let me know!! (laughs)

Final question: Are there any anime, manga, movies or video games you like very much and want to recommend to people here??
~ Yes, absolutely!! The 26-part Anime “Yôkai Ningen Bemu” (English: “Demon-Man Bem“, only published in Japan and Italy so far -> editor`s note). However, it`s already a bit old, it`s from 1968.
Or the cooking manga “Hôchônin Ajihei” (only published in Japan so far -> editor`s note), as I generally like this genre very much.
In addition, I like playing the video game “Crazy Climber”, which is a bit old, too (from 1982, console: Atari 26oo -> editor`s note).
And if I had to confine myself to current movies, I`d recommend “The Others” by Alejandro Amenábar.

Thank you very much for this interview.

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

The song has ended but the melody still lingers on...
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PostSubject: Re: Moi dix mois - "Interview Mit Einem Vampir"   Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:05 pm

I hope you like the translation, I did my best. I`m a bit out of practice, though^^

(Grrrrr...It`s manga, not mangaS; anime, not animeS -.-)

About "Moi-même-Moitié":
Literal translation: "Me-same-moiety"
My interpretation: Everything is a part of him. Music. Lyrics. Fashion. He expresses himself through those. And everything has a meaning. Everything is equal.
You can`t only express yourself through music, but also through fashion.


J-Rock: I can exist without it, but I can`t live without it. ♥️
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Moi dix mois - "Interview Mit Einem Vampir"
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